Tim Schmoyer

As a guy who's passionate about two things - family and online video - my work tends to revolve around both of them in unique ways.

I served as a youth worker for 12 years, then transitioned to being a full-time blogger for 2 years where I lived off the community that surrounded my content at Life In Student Ministry. During that time I authored several published and self-published books and had a blast serving youth workers around the country.

I also found that, surprisingly, people regarded me as an authority in online video. In February of 2012, I helped Epipheo develop an audience for an original YouTube web series, and in 2013 I became one of the few to be officially certified by YouTube in "Audience Growth."

I now train online video creators and marketers full-time through YouTube shows at ReelSEO and Video Creators to help them master the YouTube platform, build their audience, and spread messages that change lives. I love it!